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Total Nutraceutical Solutions, Inc. (TNS) develops and commercializes proprietary, advanced whole food nutraceutical and cosmetic products using all natural ingredients.  Our current portfolio of products feature vitamin D, L-Ergothioneine and polyphenols. These highly potent antioxidants provide multiple health benefits for inflammation control, immune system support, increased energy, reduced stress, healthier skin, and hair and nail growth.

TNS strives to provide products that are made with the finest and purest ingredients available.  Whether through whole food mushroom supplements, the FlexSANO joint support line, or GROH Healthy Hair and Nails, TNS products provide high quality nutrition and cosmetic solutions for optimized health and wellness.

Our company is committed to the research, development and distribution of specialty mushrooms of the highest quality. Mushrooms are nature's most important super food and our mission is to ensure that our products exceed the highest standards for scientific research, product formulation and quality control. This commitment to excellence is reflected in every product that we deliver to our dedicated customers.

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Mushroom Health

The use of mushrooms for food and medicinal purposes dates back several thousand years.  Considerable research confirms the health benefits of various species of mushrooms. 

Mushroom supplements have the nutritional potential to provide multiple health benefits for humans, including promoting healthy joints, reducing inflammation, boosting the immune system, increasing stamina and reducing stress and anxiety.

Mushrooms developed a perfectly balanced bioactive physiologic system that contains approximately 3,000 enzymes, proteins and nutrients that can assist humans to adapt to everyday stresses. Mushrooms also contain some of the most powerful anti-oxidative properties known in any food product. They have strong anti-viral properties, excellent anti-inflammatory active ingredients and other natural healing elements.

Mushrooms are a complex biological organism that contain numerous bioactive nutrients and antioxidants that are believed to maintain normal cellular function and help stimulate the body’s immune system.  Chinese holistic practitioners believe that certain species of mushrooms enable and enhance the body’s ability to heal itself. 

Mycological scientists have identified approximately 46,000 mushroom species which are currently categorized.  Dr. Hausman, Professor Beelman, and their team of scientists have studied the medicinal effects of many species of mushrooms and they have performed analytic tests identifying bioactive compounds and components within these species.  TNS products contain unique and powerful blends of these mushrooms to supplement your daily health.