Today Show on NBC Cure for Baldness

Jan 21, 2013

GROH Healthy Hair and Nails is a proprietary blend of 6 types of certified organic specialty mushrooms and mycelia matrices. It is an all-natural whole food product that contains the most potent antioxidant known to date; Ergothioneine.

Aired on September 12, 2012, this video from The Today Show on NBC addresses a potential cure for a widespread issue in society. Baldness affects confidence and self-esteem in many individuals, but with a feasible remedy in sight Americans may be able to begin looking forward to the time when their hair will begin its natural regrowth. So, what's the miracle treatment you ask? Good ol' Vitamin D; the sunshine vitamin.


11:02 am - Thu, January 24 2013
Jon Wolf said:
"Recently, Japanese scientists figured out how to grow human hair on hairless mice. Scientists discovered there's a nutrient that seems to awaken the receptors and follicles that shut down in hair loss, that nutrient and possible cure for baldness is vitamin d."

Most people meet at least some of their vitamin d needs through exposure to sunlight. However, in America, vitamin d deficiency is a pressing issue affecting roughly half of our population. This deficiency requires attention and supplementation in order to prevent major health complications like brittle bones, osteoporosis, and rickets in children.

Total Nutraceutical Solutions GROH Healthy Hair & Nails is a pure whole food supplement that is 100% mushroom based and contains no additives or chemical extracts. Composed of a proprietary blend of 6 types of certified organic specialty mushrooms and mycelia matrices, GROH offers nutritional support of hair follicle matrices and nail beds. Each bottle is a 1 month supply offering 4,000 IU of Vitamin D and 3mg of Ergothioneine per serving; perfect for alleviating vitamin d deficiency and growing longer, stronger, and more beautiful hair, nails, and lashes for the whole family.
01:31 am - Thu, October 3 2013
Ana said:
I would like to try it. Could you let me know where I can find the entire ingredients of GROH?
Can't find it in anywhere.
Would like to know if it contains stearic acid or magnesium stearate, which is not natural or good for the health and it is is most of the supplements.

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