Ergothioneine (Ergo)

Apr 17, 2012

L-Ergothioneine is a naturally occurring amino acid and is a thiourea derivative of histidine, containing a sulfur atom in the imidazole ring. This master antioxidant is made in rather few organisms, most notably mushrooms. Ergothioneine was discovered in 1909 and named after the ergot fungus from which it was first purified, with its structure being determined later, in 1911. This amino acid has high antioxidant properties, but its chemistry differs from conventional sulfur-containing antioxidants such as glutathione or lipoic acid.

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Ergothioneine is featured in the following products through ErgoD2™, a proprietary ingredient developed by Entia Biosciences, Inc.

-GROH™                       -TNS All Natural Vitamin D          
-ImmuSANO             -GlucoSANO
-FlexSANO Advanced Joint Support

ErgoD2™ combines the potent antioxidant properties of Ergothioneine with all natural Vitamin D2 (Ergocalciferol) to deliver an enhanced nutritional, wholefood solution to health and wellness.

Each product featuring ErgoD2™ contains 200,000 IU of Vitamin D per 100 grams.